Birds Grooming Mobile Service

Book a perfect grooming session for your bird right at your doorstep.

Give your Birds the Perfect Grooming Experience

Washing your bird is a critical part of their grooming, as birds too have a special type of self-grooming that is known as ‘preening’ in the world of ornithology. They secrete a certain substances that is activated with water, allowing them to then spread it efficiently through all their feathers. This is what a bird does when you see it running its beak repeatedly over its wings and body. Since it does not readily have access to water for this as a pet, washing is essential.

We start with a pre-groom consultation where we discuss your requirements and make suggestions. Our  full bird groom mobile service in Dubai includes: 

• Feather Trimming
• Bath
• Blow dry
• Beak Trimming
• Nail clip

Nail Clipping

For birds, nail clipping is very essential because if the birds’ nails get longer it creates difficulties for perching. It is also uncomfortable for you to handle your bird. Moreover, long nails can get caught on furniture, carpet and even in your clothes. There will be a higher chance of getting struck by nails on their cage or playing with toys which can cause serious injuries.

Each birds’ have blood and nerve supply named as quick. This quick grows with nails. So that the overgrown nails will have long quick. Less length from the toe nail can safely be cut without causing any pain during the grooming session. If the birds are groomed frequently, you will be able to cut their nails shorter.

Wing Feather Trimming

Several methods are available for wing feather clipping. Dubai Pets Grooming is always very careful about  clipping the feathers. The primary feathers of birds need to be cut as they give the bird their lift and flapping the wings. Also, the secondary flight feathers should be left intact to give bird air resistance for gliding safely to the ground. That’s why it is very important to have regular trimming.

The Primary feathers grow again once they are clipped. It only takes one or two new primary feathers to grow back to allow your bird to fly. Some birds are so strong that they can fly even after their primary feathers are clipped. When you see that new feathers are growing it also contains blood supply. Sometimes it is mandatory to wait till the feathers are fully mature. And we are really experts on analyzing these facts and taking care of the thing before grooming.

Beak Trimming

The birds which have enough toys to chew on and their beak are growing normally, it is necessary to trim the upper beak regularly. Once you book a Bird Grooming Session with us we will take care of the beak of your bird in a proper way.

We also provide Dogs Grooming Service, Cat grooming service and Rabbit Grooming Service. Currently, we are providing basic and full grooming services to our clients for their pets in dubai.