Rabbit Grooming Service At Home

Get Your Dig groomed with our Professional Mobile Rabbit Grooming Services

Mobile Rabbits Grooming Services at Your Doorsteps

Our Rabbits Grooming services includes all the treatments your Rabbit needs to feel relaxed and in good shape. This includes the gentle brushing out of dead hair, a nail trim and a between pads and paw trim. Within the Mobile Salon and professional rabbit groomers, we are able to bath and clip the hair around your rabbit’s rear end which will help prevent the soiling build up and allow you to keep them cleaner at home and making your rabbit feels good and happy.

We start with a pre-groom consultation where we discuss your requirements and make suggestions. Our  Rabbits Grooming mobile service in Dubai includes: 

• Brush-out
• Shampoo
• Blowdry
• Hair cut
• Teeth cleaning
• Ear cleaning and trimming
• Nail clip
• Facial scrub

For when your Rabbits needs a bit of a spruce-up but doesn’t really need a haircut. 
• Shampoo 
• Blow dry
• Brush
• Mouthwash

For when your Rabbit needs just one or two things doing, but is already clean and tidy.
• Nail cut
• Sanitary trim
• Gland expression
• Flea treatment
• Facial trim
• Ear plucking and cleansing