Birds Grooming Mobile Service

Book a perfect grooming session for your bird right at your doorstep.

Give your Birds the Perfect Grooming Experience

Washing your bird is a critical part of their grooming, as birds too have a special type of self-grooming that is known as ‘preening’ in the world of ornithology. They secrete a certain substances that is activated with water, allowing them to then spread it efficiently through all their feathers. This is what a bird does when you see it running its beak repeatedly over its wings and body. Since it does not readily have access to water for this as a pet, washing is essential.

We start with a pre-groom consultation where we discuss your requirements and make suggestions. Our  full bird groom mobile service in Dubai includes: 

• Feather Trimming
• Bath
• Blow dry
• Beak Trimming
• Nail clip