Mobile Cats Grooming Service

Get Your Dig groomed with our Professional Mobile Cat Grooming Services
Hair Cut & Trim
Anal Gland Expression
Fungal & Ringworm

Mobile Cats Grooming Services at Your Dootsteps

We cater for all breeds and types, the techniques and styles below may be modified to suit your Cat. This may be determined by your own personal request or by the coat condition, health, temperament or behaviours of your Cats.As we all know cat’s do not like to get wet and if they face it can be stressful to them if you have trained your cat through this process then it will be fine to wash, we will wash, and dry your cat on the same day, otherwise will do with dry shampoo, which is less stress to your cat.

We start with a pre-groom consultation where we discuss your requirements and make suggestions. Our  full Cat grooming mobile service in Dubai includes: 

• Brush-out
• Shampoo
• Blowdry
• Hair cut
• Teeth cleaning
• Ear cleaning and trimming
• Gland expression
• Nail clip
• Facial scrub

For when your Cat needs a bit of a spruce-up but doesn’t really need a haircut. 
• Shampoo 
• Blow dry
• Brush
• Mouthwash

For when your Cat needs just one or two things doing, but is already clean and tidy.
• Nail cut
• Sanitary trim
• Gland expression
• Flea treatment
• Facial trim
• Ear plucking and cleansing